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Quick Facts

  • 2 Disamatic vertical moulding machines.
  • Mould sizes are: 535mm x 650mm and 650mm x 850mm.
  • Maximum casting weight produced is 45 kgs.
  • Internationally recognized iron grades produced: AS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BS & SAE grades.
  • We specialise in Ductile iron, Grey iron, wear and heat resistant materials
  • Current product range, 1000+
Using the latest technology from DISA,
helps create world class results

Proven before production
Our development team use the latest CAD/CAM and casting simulation software (Magmasoft) to provide support for each customer’s design engineering team, in order to optimize the design and tooling for a new product. This ensures products meet close tolerance requirements while still conforming to quality and cost specifications. For every product quality, capability and process reliability is “built-in” during development to ensure consistent quality across all production batches.

What would it mean for your business to save a couple of kilograms of weight per component? Or the overall strength and durability improved on by 10 to 15% before production commences? These are the sort of questions we ask ourselves when helping customers to produce the best possible final product.

Disamatic Process

A vast range of industries, different solutions, same outstanding quality

Trailer Couplings
• Mechanical Couplers  
• Electric Couplers  
• Hubs 

• Dog Spikes  
• Fish Plates  

Rail Track Shoulders
• Fastclip Shoulders  
• E Clip Shoulders  
• Adjustable Shoulders 
• Hook In Shoulders  
• Lock In Shoulders  
• Inserts  
• Spacers

Rail Track Base plates
• E Clip  
• Fast Clip  
• Baseplate Assemblies

• Tension Regulator Weights  
• Power Transmission Brackets  

Train Engines
• Couplings  
• Axle Boxes  
• Friction Wedges

Mining & Earth Moving
• Ground Engaging Tools
• Tractor Parts
• Earth Mover Parts
• Rollers
• White Iron Wear plates and Blocks
• Chain Links

General Industry
• Lawn Mower Engine Blocks
• Door Closers
• Machine Tool Castings
• Container Hinges and Locks
• Gas Burners
• Bar Bells
• Venue Seating

White Goods
• Refrigeration Compressor Crankcases
• Refrigeration Crankshafts
• Washer Balance Weights
• Washer Frames

• Concrete Pre Tensioning Blocks
• Concrete Post Tension Blocks
• Brackets
• Water Valves
• Pump Bodies
• Couplers


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