Corporate Social Responsibility

Know what’s possible before production
Simulation software to test ideas, provides
the optimal solution.

Speed, accuracy and superior production efficiency
Automatic pouring technology provides greater fl exibility
during production.


Quality of material, quality of engineering, quality of thinking comes with every product we produce. The consequences of part failure can be costly to both profits and potentially human life. Each product has stood the test of time in the most demanding industries, such as automotive and rail. Failure is simply not an option, which is why you have incredible peace of mind when working with us.

Intercast & Forge laboratories
Supporting our dedication to world-class quality is a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with MeltLab, a computerized Thermal Analysis System, Spectrometer, Instron Tensile tester and Stereo & Metallurgical microscopes. Each and every production run is batch tested to ensure a consistently high standard across the board. In short, nothing is left to chance in our pursuit to deliver world-class ideas, backed by the quality you would expect from the leader in iron casting.

Design, production, metallurgical know-how and testing capabilities are brought together to guarantee absolute integrity for the large volume production of safety critical components and to satisfy the most demanding specifications. The results are the highest quality components delivered on-time, at the best possible price.


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