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Did you know design engineering and manufacturing can be 50% more cost effective thanks to iron castings?

  Iron offers a host of advantages. To match form to function, replicate parts quickly and accurately, and save up to 50% in costs of raw materials, compared to other processes. Iron casting as opposed to stamping, forging or welding, is the most universally practicable method of metal forming and offers great freedom to create any shape.


With the iron casting process, you can literally create any form, and do so with better component performance. We deliver a fully simulated model to prove your ideas, and streamline design to ensure the ultimate casting outcome for the application.

You are supported by the most advanced testing and quality assurance technologies available.



You can easily design engineer to lower both the initial and total life-cycle costs. Material is placed where extra loads apply and removed from unstressed areas to reduce weight. Ductile iron has 10% less density than steel, so you are already saving considerable money on logistics. Our innovative team can provide you with proven expertise to refine component design, so that your product performs in all areas, from production to final assembly.
Using the latest DISAMATIC sand casting machines, our capacity is 55,000 ton per annum. The advantage with castings is that you can rapidly scale up production to meet increased demand.

Coupled with massive capacity, is our flexible scheduling to allow production runs that meet your needs. As demand rises and falls, we can accommodate you with variations in production, to reduce your stock and handling.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) in the United States found with machine tool applications, replacing fabricated structures with Ductile Iron castings can result in cost savings of 39-50%.

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