70+ Years of Casting Excellence

Since 1946, Intercast & Forge has continually made improvements to become a world leader in applying innovation and technology to iron castings.

We have consistently set the benchmark for demonstrating what is possible and how innovative thinking leads to greater production and product performance.

From a small shop floor just North of Adelaide, we are now a 17,000m² foundry and supply a majority of the Australian market, while exporting up to 70% of our production to over 60 countries around the world.

We deliver world-class components for the rail, mining, automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

Some examples of industries that have put their reputations, efficiencies and lives in our hands:

  • The European high-speed rail networks (our components were used in the track that holds the world speed record for a conventional train – 574KPH!)
  • Singapore and Bangkok metro networks
  • The USA Class one freight railroads and metro networks
  • Kindling Cracker firewood splitters to help start fires in fire pits all over the globe
  • Brake discs to keep you safe when driving, even for Holden’s 304kW SSV high-performance car
  • The world-leading high axle load railroads of the Pilbara, Western Australia

We excel at supplying components that consistently meet the close tolerance and critical safety specifications required by modern manufacturing.

Exporting to the World

Fuelled by Our People

Our 170 strong workforce consists of engineers, technicians, metallurgists, production, and administration personnel.

We all share a vision to be the foundry you will choose, by creating the most environmentally friendly, high quality and on-time cast iron products in both Australia and the world.


Solutions in Seconds

Utilising two Disamatic™ moulding lines, we can produce a mould in under 10 seconds.

To feed those lines we have four 8-tonne furnaces that are capable of supplying over 22 tonnes per hour of clean, quality cast iron.

Together they give a 40,000 tonne capacity to output castings quickly and efficiently. 


Industry Innovation

Decades of innovation enable us to be efficient and flexible with the ability to switch from one production run to another in under three minutes.

This simply means that we are not restricted to only large batches or long production runs, bringing our high volume efficiency to more markets.