Casting an eye on the Future

As a major manufacturer, we take our Carbon footprint seriously and understand that every decision we make can have a major impact on the environment.

We set objectives and targets based on our identified impacts on the environment and ensure these are monitored, measured, and reviewed for continued suitability and effectiveness.



Our iron is sourced from up to 86% scrap metal that is carefully mixed and monitored for quality.  Most of the scrap metal comes from end of life cars and building demolition materials.

Using waste materials to create our cast iron is exciting and combined with renewable energy we are contributing great things for the environment.



Our furnaces are powered by electricity and in the 12 months to  November 2023, 71.5% of this electricity was derived from renewable sources.

We look forward to increasing the usage of renewable energy in the near future which is in line with South Australia’s target to be 100% net renewables by the year 2030.

Sheep Paddock Slope


As well as developing new methods to reduce waste, we have found beneficial uses for 61% of our waste by-products.

This includes capturing and supplying waste sand from the casting process in agriculture to enrich soils and increase crop yields.

Even furnace emissions are captured and the zinc recovered from the fume, this is used in the chemical industry for the production of fertilizers.

Intercast Circular Economy