All Your Iron Needs

We specialise in ductile, grey, white and SiMo iron from small parts as light as 100 grams to parts up to 40kg/700mm long.

Whether it’s hundreds of parts or millions of parts, we have the capability and capacity to undertake projects great and small.

Our engineers can work with your team to optimise your parts for function, cost and manufacture.

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Melting & Pouring

Our four furnaces are Inductotherm™ medium induction that efficiently output molten iron.

Every melt and pour is technically completed under strict quality controls for optimal results so we know your product has the required properties before it has even solidified.



We use superior Disamatic™ moulding machines to sand mould our cast iron. These machines have enormous capacity and it’s not uncommon to be making over 11,000 parts per hour.

This gives us unique efficiency and flexibility at scale. Our continuous improvement mantra drives us to keep developing our machines and processes to improve efficiencies and do what others deem impossible.


Core Making

We have Shell and Cold-box core machines with various capabilities and a fine-tuned process that can produced a surface finish with the finest of details.

Sand cores bring additional freedom of design, but are set into the mould with the Disamatic™ core loader, bringing speed and precision into the manufacture.


Development Engineering

Our engineers enjoy finding innovative solutions to improve designs, improve quality and design-out cost collaboratively with our customers.

“Best in class” simulation software and paperless 3D design ensure we can give you the solution you need.


Tool Making

Intercast has three CNC machines dedicated to producing our tightly tolerance tooling.

Our goal is to remove waste from the casting process by designing accurate and innovative tooling. This prioritises total project cost to give you the lowest overall cost for your needs.



Intercast have developed a simple dip painting process using a black water-based paint giving good corrosion protection to our iron.

We also have partners that can powder coat, galvanise, Ecoat and zinc plate to suit your specific needs.



Identifying a gap in our market,  Intercast has just increased our capabilities in the CNC machining space with two Okuma twin pallet machining centres focused on high volume machining.

We are driven to keep increasing our capacity in machining as we grow with our partners.


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